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Our Activists

Even in the face of powerful structures of domination, it remains

possible for each of us, especially those of us who are members of 

oppressed and/or exploited groups as well as those radical visionaries 

who may have race, class, and sex privilege, to define and determine 

alternative standards, to decide on the nature and extent of 


― bell hooks



On an ongoing basis, different activists will be featured on the homepage. Click on the featured activists to view their complete profiles. 

The activists that are currently in this section were interviewed and profiled.

TMTH is excited to be showcasing activists and organizers again!

Stay tuned for the 2022 relaunch!

Environmental Justice, Food Sovereignty, & Sustainability

– Jim Baldwin, Abingdon, VA: Environmental and Food Justice

– Todd Christian, Abingdon, VA: Environmental and Food Justice

Anthony Flaccavento, Abingdon, VA: Environmental and Food Justice 

– Jessica Farmer, Houston, TX: Food Justice and Union Worker’s Rights

– Marti Huber, Abingdon, VA: Environmental and Food Justice

Kwabena Nkromo, Atlanta, GA: Local Economy Development and Food Justice

Health Justice

– Amber Penden, Detroit, MI: Health Justice

Cooper Wilson, Grand Rapids, MI: Language and Health Services

Human Rights

– Jean Douglas, Atlanta, GA: Violence Against Women Movement

– Ulester Douglas, Decatur, GA: Violence Against Women Movement

– Jaime Grant, Washington, DC: Social Justice Leadership Development, LGBT Justice

– LaShawn Hoffman, Atlanta, GA: Community Development

– Cornelius Lloyd, Atlanta, GA: Youth Leadership Development, Intergenerational Advocacy

– Darwin Rodriquez, Los Angeles, CA: Youth Advocacy, LGBT Justice

– Hussain Turk, Los Angeles, CA: Law, Racial Justice in HIV/AIDS struggle

Zellie Imani, Paterson, NJ: Intersectionality

Technology, Science, Art, and Culture

– Samuel Amoabeng, Columbus, OH: Justice Through Creative Expression

– Lynnee Denise Bonner, Atlanta, GA/South Africa: Composer and Sound Designer

– Aimee Le, Ann Arbor, MI: Poet, Writer, and Performance Artist

– Carlton Mackey, Atlanta, GA: Justice through Creative Expression


“Call and Response” has a strong tradition in African and African American cultures and in the activist community. Call and response represents a form of engagement between the speaker and the listener. You are invited to engage with the featured activists by leaving a response to what you have seen and read or a general comment below.