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Nathaniel Smith

Nathaniel Smith is working to achieve equity in transportation, energy and growth in metro Atlanta

Victory for Nathaniel Smith and PSE: Equity Matters – Clayton County Residents to Receive Public Transportation


The Work

I am currently working on bringing public transportation back to Clayton County Georgia. Clayton lost it’s public transportation four years ago. I’m also working on organizing a collaborative that will work in metro Atlanta to realize the balanced distribution of energy benefits and burdens (energy equity). Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) is working to bring together common and uncommon allies to develop public policies that will increase access and opportunity for vulnerable populations. We train everyday heroes on the art of community organizing and grow coalitions that realize equity in the areas of transportation, energy, growth and health.

Accomplishments to date include:

  • Increased voting from vulnerable populations in T-SPLOST decision of 2011
  • Created the Equitable Target Area Index and Social Equity Advisory Committee at the Atlanta Regional Commission.
  • Developed the Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas
  • Instituted the American south’s first Equity Mapping and Framing tool.
  • Highlighted the elevation of equity as the superior growth model for metro Atlanta.

Inspirations and Influences

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The elders who have come before me who did the work but never got their name in the paper. In particular, the folks that served on Dr. King’s “ground crew.” I had the chance to grow up hearing their inspirational stories of sacrifice and courage. I keep these stories in my heart. My deep love for Atlanta and the American south inspire my work. Additionally, knowing that although change is painful it is necessary if we are to compete in an emerging global economy. Martin Luther King, Hosea Williams, Joseph Lowery and Hattie Dorsey have influenced my work. Children and seniors and other vulnerable populations also inspire my activism. 


My love for people and disdain for injustice makes me tick. When you stop learning, you stop living. When you stop loving, you stop existing. 

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Personal Quote: “Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Field: Equitable Growth, Racial Equity, Economic Opportunity, Sustainability





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