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Updated Kevin Davis Candlelight Vigil: Don’t Call the Police? Exposing the Cover Up

The family of Kevin Davis and a coalition of community organizers are asking for the community to join and support them at a Candle Light Vigil and memorial march on the one month anniversary of his shooting Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 6:00pm at the DeKalb County Court House. We are asking the community to #BreatheForKevin at the candlelight vigil and memorial march.


When: Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 6:00pm

Where: 556 N. McDonough Street Decatur, GA 30030

Time: 6:00pm

What: On December 29, 2014, Kevin Davis was in his home with his girlfriend that they shared with a co-worker. During a confrontation between his girlfriend and his coworker, his girlfriend was stabbed by his co-worker. Kevin attempted to help his girlfriend and they called 911 for help to respond to the injuries of his girlfriend and he ended up killed by the police. Mr. Davis called for the police and two days later he was dead as a result of being shot by the same police he needed help from when they came to his home. Kevin Davis was in his own home, where he called for help, and ended up killed by the police officer.


The DeKalb County Police entered the home without announcing their presence. The police officer proceeded to shoot Mr. Davis’ dog before also shooting Mr. Davis in his own home. Instead of receiving help, Kevin Davis ended up with bullets in his body. After being shot, he was criminalized and still arrested in his own home while he was trying to protect someone he loved. He died two days later, ALONE handcuffed to the hospital bed! The family expressed the most devastating part of this situation is that they were denied access to Kevin during his last days before he succumbed to his injuries in Grady Hospital.


We are concerned that there may be a cover up because it has been weeks since Kevin’s death and there has been no independent investigation of the situation. We charge the GBI to conduct an independent investigation of the situation and the DeKalb County Police Department so this family can have some answers.

The family has not had the time or the space to properly grieve and they want time to feel supported by the surrounding community. To know and understand that we are with them to the end, and that we understand that this is an injustice that must be addressed. On Thursday January 29th, we are asking for community members to come support the family as they grieve and honor their loved one.


Thursday, January 29, 2015 will mark 30 days since Kevin was shot. We are asking the community to #BreatheForKevin at the candlelight vigil.

The #shutitdownATL coalition that consists of The GenY Project, #IBTY, MXGM, and SONG and other organizations and coalitions including Moral Monday, American Friends Committee, Saving OurSelves, Sankofa UCC Church, the National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism, and FTP Movement are all rallying behind this family.

Contact Person: Shakia Pennix –