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Ulester Douglas

The Work

My primary work is with Men Stopping Violence (MSV), an organization dedicated to preventing male violence against women. MSV believes that male violence against women is rooted in structural inequality.  And because all forms of oppression are interconnected, we work in solidarity with those working to promote justice based on class, sexual orientation, race and gender. I have been with MSV since 1994, providing training and consultation to organizations, communities and individuals in forty states, the Caribbean, Europe, and Canada.

Inspirations & Influences

The Civil Rights Movement, the Battered Women’s Movement, the Women’s Movement, the LGBT Equality Movement, have influenced and inspired my activism.  Activist-scholar bell hooks, has been one of the most influential voices in my social justice work.


Quote: “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house…” Audre Lorde

Field of Work: The Violence Against Women’s Movement.

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There are several principles that guide how I move through the world.  They are a source of strength, especially in difficult times.  Here are a few: “A challenge is an opportunity in disguise”; “Conflict is growth waiting to happen”; “What you call me only has power if I chose to answer” “There is always another choice”.