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 Equity Matters – Clayton County Residents to Receive Public Transportation 

PSE picEquity Matters!!! Clayton County made history on Saturday, July 5th with a 3-1 vote to place a referendum on the local November ballot that allows Clayton residents to decide on a one-cent sales tax increase for public transit. Nathaniel Smith, an activist featured on our website, A Tough Mind and Tender Heart was active in the fight for this change. The organization he founded, Partnership for Southern Equity along with others mobilized a grassroots effort to ensure that the voices of the residents were represented. This accomplishment was both a win for equity and regional cooperation in that the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) will be the administering agency if the referendum passes. Clayton residents will have a chance to ride on public transit in Clayton because a committed group of local leaders and partners chose to stand up for access and equity.


June Press Release 


Atlanta, June 16, 2014 – Maya Angelou believed her mission in life was not merely to survive but to thrive and do so with passion and compassion. Her involvement in the civil rights movement, working with Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X demonstrated her passions and ability to thrive as she believed in creating a more just world. Today, the emerging social justice website, A Tough Mind and Tender Heart continues to feature dedicated activists throughout the country whose work is propelled by their passions for equity.

Edward Chisolm works to ensure that all students, particularly black males have access to quality educational and social services within the public school system. He is motivated by the level of devastation caused by racial discrimination in our society. Edward has dedicated approximately 30 years of his life towards working on these issues in Savannah, GA.

Nathaniel Smith is the founder and chief equity officer at Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE)  which advocates for public policies that increase access and opportunities for vulnerable populations. PSE developed the Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas, which provides regional stakeholders with a comprehensive resource that aids in determining how to create a more fair and equitable region.

Andrew Tyner is a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying political theory with an emphasis on the history of political thought. He is interested in the history of justice movements as he addresses economic inequalities and racial injustices in higher education.



Dick Bathrick Publishes a Personal and Shared  Memoir

375585_10151529384369285_1256002162_nDick Bathrick, co founder of Men Stopping Violence, has recently published a personal and shared memoir of key learning moments in MSV’s thirty two year history.  This is a great read for men and women working together in our movement.   It shares important lessons about the personal and community work required to end male violence against women. Please support Charis Books, the oldest feminist bookstore in America, by purchasing your copy online at  You can also purchase it from the usual online merchants.