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Zellie Imani is empowering and equipping Black students to become leaders within their communities.

476887_529504067061806_841637638_oThe Work

What are you currently working on in the field of social justice and what are you trying to accomplish with your work?

With the Black Liberation Collective, we are boldly attempting to radicalize the Black Student movement in ways that haven’t been attempted on a mass scale in decades. The Movement for Black lives is one that seeks to affirm the humanity of Black folk, by challenging all institutions, not just the police, that systemically harm and exploit Black bodies.

The Black Liberation Collective, which consists of Black college students, finds itself in a unique position to challenge & transform higher education and how it collaborates and perpetuates structural violence by investing in private prisons & marginalizing Black folk by creating a pool of unskilled Black workers through admissions.

As someone who believes that youth are the most radical segment of the population, the Black Liberation Collective and I intend to organize and empower Black students so they can be the leaders they’ve been waiting for.

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Joan_Garner_Memorial_Service_RevisedIt is with great sadness that we share the passing of long-time activist Joan Garner. Before taking her seat as Vice chairwoman of the Fulton County Commission, Garner served her community as an activist for many years advocating for LGBT, poor people  and women’s rights. She worked tirelessly to form the county’s HIV/AIDS task force, an initiative to increase testing and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Over the last few years, Joan, 65, had battled breast cancer and during that prolonged struggle continued to support her district, and the metro Atlanta community.

We are honored to have known her and to have been witnesses of her great legacy.